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Module type: 电压表
Shape dimension:
Window size:
Character size:
Point size:

Product Description

This product is our custom products, mainly for the first meter, voltage meter, low cost, easy installation, beautiful, available separately LCD, or provide the entire header module, 2-4 week delivery cycle.

   We can supply, Chinese font, font Owen, Russian fonts and other font; serial, parallel interface (including the RS-232 SPI and I2C); various voltage drive, 5v 3.3V and so on.

  Character dot matrix LCD module manufacturer can replace any standard LCD modules, according to customers samples or drawings to provide fully compatible LCD module. Designed according to customer requirements to develop LCD modules to meet customer needs. Can develop low-power, anti-interference ability, high contrast, bright, ultra-high temperature (-40 ° C) ultra-wide viewing angle 120 °, in line with EMC requirements of the LCD display module.

    As the product model number, the website is only part of the product, if necessary, please contact with us!